Salwa International Steel Fabrication LLC, a distinguished entity established in 2011 and headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is renowned for its comprehensive offerings in the world of steel fabrication, related goods, and specialised services.

Our expertise encompasses mild steel, stainless steel, and custom-made fabrication for industrial applications, serving a wide array of industries, including Oil & Gas, Marine, Petrol Stations, Vehicle Fuel & Lube Systems, and Engineering Industrial sectors.

Our business portfolio encompasses a broad spectrum of operations, ranging from mild steel and stainless-steel fabrication to custom-made and situation-fit solutions for industrial products. We have garnered a reputation for excellence in meeting the complex demands of this dynamic sector.

Our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction underscores every aspect of our operations, making us a trusted partner for clients in the UAE and beyond.


MD Message

Salwa International Steel Fabrication LLC is an enterprise established with a single-minded goal, to essentially serve the oil & gas, marine, and industrial engineering sectors across the UAE and beyond

Our consistency in deliverables of the highest standards is what that sets us apart, well supported by a quality-rich ecosystem of agency / distribution partnerships. As we celebrate continuous improvement for achieving excellence, our distinguished engineers, innovators and specialised workforce spare no efforts to plan and produce precisely nothing but the best. Exceeding customer delight at any given opportunity.

The dna within our organisation is well embedded in our offerings, in terms of ethical business practice, policy and standards, technical expertise, operational efficiencies, collective integrity, corporate governance, and seamless outcomes.

We look forward to participating in your success stories. Welcome to Salwa, let’s script and travel together.

Dr Bhagavathi Ravi                                                      Managing Director

The Indispensable Steel Industry

The steel fabrication industry encompasses inventiveness and practical designing, cutting, shaping, welding and assembling steel to form structures and products for various sectors like construction, automotive, oil & gas, and shipbuilding.

Employing advanced techniques and machinery to ensure precision and quality. Steel industry is vital for infrastructure development to enable economic growth. Not sure whether there will be a time in history when steel might take a back seat. At least for now, it’s too distance a thought!